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Diaries Owner Friends Hello earthlings , I from Pluto . My UFO was break down , My age 116600 years young, I have 10 mother . my birth date 02/02/2097 . I just want to say behave with me because I have 2 pairs screw driver as my hand .
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I'm in love. I swear. Loving him was hard than I thought. Every single day I've tried to be positive, so that I can love him more, more and more until I die. Sometime he ignored me and I'm swear it's hurt me inside. Make me want to cry hard. But he once told me if I love him then don't cry. He told not think about him much. How could I'm no thinking about you?? Tell me. What can I do for you to stay with me. To show your love toward me. To treat me like a princess. That was your promise. I'm begging you. Don't leave me. Stay forever with me. I don't think you've changed that much, because you just show me who you are. That's the way you are. You not changing. But you just show to me your true colors. I love you. I'm stalking you everyday. I keep looking at your pictures. Did you do the same? Nahhhh~ It's okay. You have your own way to keep loving me. Sometime you're bit annoying. You annoyed me much. but i still love you <3 . You're not showing me how jealous you are when I'm hanging out with my boy friends. Hahaha. You are so cute. Just tell me you're jealous so that I know you love me. You still love me. You said you will not let me go if anything happen unless I'm asking you to let me go. I'm telling you i will not. I won't cheated on you. You're not my first lover. But I want you to be my last. It's look like a childish wishes. I don't care. I want you. I want to marry you. I want to give birth your child. I want to grow old with you. I'm very happy you approached me. You came to my life.

I know life don't come with beautiful color, with beautiful weather. It can come in another way. it could be storm or tornado.

My love towards you won't faded away. I love you. I LOVE YOU.

(Pardon my grammars. I'm still learning. Correct me. It will help me a lot. I will accept it. I do have many flaws)             (: